HUGO BOSS Lissabon

_unconventional _progressive _avantgarde

HUGO _the avantgarde brand, that delivers unconventional looks for men and women, opened a new store on Rua Garrett, the hotspot of Lisbon. On the sales area of 195 sqm the collections of men and women with appropriate accessories are presented. The architecture and interior design studio Plan2Plus created an innovative appearance with an overall architecture and design concept in accordance with the HUGO corporate identity. The design concept is created to be urban and communicative. It reflects the brand culture, core capabilities as well as the international target group of HUGO. To emphasize the loft character of the location, the wall elements are consequently exempted. Multifunctional store elements create a transparent and open structure for the store concept. The powerful simplicity of the design concept, as well as refined details, high quality materials and carefully chosen colours create an innovative environment. Wall coverings made of roughly structured wood contrast with back-lit glass panels, coloured walls and the natural stone floor covering. A formally reserved, intelligent lighting concept emphasizes the sensitive design of the interior’s character. It ideally validates the collections and accentuate single areas of the store in a diverse range of lighting moods.